Old High School Project Committee accepts cleanup bid

Stephen Kalb-Koenigsfeld, Pioneer Editor
Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Old High School Project Committee has accepted the final bid to cleanup and remove asbestos containing material (ACM) at the old high school site. A contract has not been signed yet, but pre-remediation and remediation of ACM will cost about $50,000. 

About 90 percent of the ACM is in the downstairs boiler room of the old high school, but structures are too unstable to get in underneath to remove the ACM. Jami Moody, a member of the Old High School Committee, said Roe Construction will be helping with demolition of the area above the boiler room, so the contracted firm can get in and remediate the ACM. 

Moody said there were three bids that came in for the asbestos remediation, and the committee accepted the lowest one. The committee is hopeful to get a contract signed later this week. 

Memorial bricks also flew off the shelves at the Sweet Grass Fest, as people put their money into the cleanup cause. Moody said feedback was wide and variety, from parking lot ideas to bandshells. 

But before the fun things happen, Moody said, the funds for the cleanup and remediation have to be put to the test first.