Lyle Fallang

June 22,1937 — June 13, 2022
Thursday, July 7, 2022
Lyle Fallang

Born in Big Timber, Montana June 22nd, 1937. Ancestors were mostly 2nd Generation Norwegians all lured by the Northern Pacific Railroad with a promise of cheap or free land. It was said that these early Norwegian set tlers could raise a band of sheep on a flat rock, these were the settlers who spelled the end of cattle barons…

I spent my early years on ranches in the river valleys and stalking the wild game that abounded. As a child of the Great Depression we simply learned to do without material things. Warm shoes and coats had simply not been invented yet. Snow shovels were plentiful.

I attended some little oneroom country grade schools and graduated from high school in 1955. With no land to inherit and nobody hiring, I decided to join the U. S. Air Force. I was trained to maintain electronic radio equipment and later television sys tems and did my thing for the next 27 years. I had a variety of stateside and foreign assignments, some accompanied by family and some without. I was married the day after I turned 21 in Ohio and saw that good woman to her grave 53 years later. We have adjoining plots and a common stone in a local cemetery.

We had two sons to carry on the family military tradition. The older saw service in the Navy during the first Gulf War and the younger is a retired Army Major. We also have a grandson and a granddaughter living in Colorado . Thusen deth the tale…….