Local students make university Dean’s Lists

Pioneer Staff Report
Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Below are various universities that have released their Dean’s List honorees  for the 2018 Spring semester.  These are the local students who made Dean’s Lists and notified the press:

Montana State University

(Students with a perfect 4.0 grade point average for the semester were named to the President’s Honor Roll. An asterisk follows the names of the 1,098 students named to the MSU President’s Honor Roll in the listing below):

Big Timber: Brent Beley, Honey Cranston, Mark Garrard, Kree Gullings, Emily Hughes, Lauren Hughes, Sydnie LaValley*, Ashton O’Connor, Rebekah Pauli*, Haley Sargent, Michael Seeley, Mollee Stenberg*, Ashley Wolfe

Reed Point: Holly Emter

University of Montana

(Double asterisks after a name indicate the student earned a 4.0 GPA. A single asterisk indicates a GPA greater than 3.5 but less than 4.0):

Madelyn Foulk* Kirsten Gano** Jessica Johnston* Taesan Josephson* Nikia Reynolds* Catherine Shepard*

University of Montana Western 

(An asterisk after a name indicates a student received Dean’s List high honors and carried a 4.0 grade point average):

Ruger Biege, Kacin Bolinger-Perret*

Brescia University

Kay McDonnell, Senior, Social Work