Crazies Cooperative logging project

Six miles up a dirt road west of Melville, loggers with DS Jr Trucking are hard at work. The crew of five is easily heard before they are seen, sawing, delimbing and hauling behemoth timbers from steep hillsides on Nathan Anderson’s ranch. 

Every few minutes, the distinctive crack of a falling tree cuts through Basin Creek drainage — an audible sign of progress, of getting one step closer to reducing fire fuels and adding logs to a struggling timber market. 

The logging project, dubbed the Crazies Cooperative, spans 470 acres in three different areas on Nathan Anderson and Craig Anderson’s respective properties. 

The primary objective is to supply Montana saw mills with timber, while simultaneously reducing fire fuels and curtailing the spread of tree-harming bug populations like the Douglas-Fir beetle and the spruce budworm. 

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MACKENZIE REISS / Big Timber Pioneer