Council making waves with pool changes

While the local pool will be a relaxing place come warmer temperatures, Mayor Rolland Karlin and the city council are not talking lightly about getting the facility to be one of the most operational in the area. 

During the March 5 meeting, the council discussed and approved the hiring of five lifeguard/water safety instructor (WSI) applicants, and also approved the hiring of six lifeguard and assistant swimming instructors. Kate Walker will be this summer’s head lifeguard and has been working rigorously with Mayor Karlin to amplify the success this summer.

“I’m excited about these names and I hope they [pass their tests],” Karlin said. “I would like the approval to take them all to their tests and certifications, and hopefully they all get certified. [Walker] said she’s already looking to take a car over to Bozeman and I said I’d take one over with you so they can practice and learn what their test is going to entail.”

Lifeguard/WSI applicants were Greta Sanders, Ethan Bullock, Aaron Walley, Reilly Lannen and Alyssa Stosich. Lifeguard/assistant swimming instructor applicants are Zandy Carroccia, Holli Kovatch, Brodee Pederson, Brooklyn Pederson, Jasmine Oiestad and Samantha Rosebrock. 

Karlin, Wagner and the lifeguards will also be working on a pool policy to help shore up any liability issues that have come up in the past or ones that could come up in the future. 

“We’ve got a working policy from another town, and we’re going to scribble all over it and make it ours,” Karlin said. “And then we’ll run it by our lawyer and have another meeting, finalize it and bring it to you. Right now, if they want to ban a kid from the pool that’s eight years old or younger, without a parent being there, they don’t have a leg to stand on. We need to fix our liability on that a little bit.”

Making the pool a safe and relaxing place isn’t the only issue being discussed at the council meetings. The city is hoping to make it a competitive and worth-while investment peoples’ summer by raising daily and family pass prices. 

Nothing was finalized at the March 5 meeting, however, in a month, the council will decide on the 2018 summer prices. Those increases discussed were raising the daily pass to $3.00, raising the in-town family pass (which includes five people) from $60 to $75 and raising the out-of-town family passes to $80 or $90. 

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