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The community poll question and you, the reader. Explained

Stephen Kalb-Koenigsfeld, Pioneer Editor

Before you wound up on this page, you probably saw our Page 3 cutout section for the community poll. And if you’re reading this online, well, you might want to go find a print copy and check it out (the Fort has copies every week and some great lunch items. There’s a win-win). 

We got the idea from a community member, and our reporter, Chris Aiken, had this little brainchild about how to get a better reach in our community on a pretty important issue.

It’s no secret the employment status of the county commissioners has been a hot-button issue for many of you in the community, and we hear you. So this week, and the following week, we’ll be printing this cutout poll question for you to briefly mark and turn in here at the Pioneer.

Yes, we have a poll question online and we’ve asked this same question there before. But that can be pretty easily manipulated. You can vote multiple times, stack the votes and honestly, it doesn’t’ have the reach our print product does at times. 

The instructions are on the page. Cut it out, fill it out, turn it in. We’ll be accepting the results all the way up through May 29. Our paper prints on May 30 and the results will be in the May 31 edition. 

We’re hoping to get a better, more fair and accurate representation on this issue through this process. As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to me at or by calling 932-5298.