Youth soccer plays several competitive home games

Last Saturday, the U19 team for Big Timber got to play some competitive games on their own field! Big Timber was on schedule to play Big Sky and Red Lodge. 

The weather was slightly chilly and partly cloudy. At 9:30 a.m. Big Sky kicked off the first game of the day. Since Big Sky was short a player, both teams played ten instead of eleven on the field. About five minutes into the first half Big Sky scored a goal. Not long after, Big Timber’s Wyatt Fjare scored a goal with an assist from Dagon Jacobsen. Three minutes after that, Big Timber scored again. 

Dagon Jacobsen assisted Isaac Fossum who received Jacobsen’s through ball and shot the ball into the back of the net. Right after that Graysen O’Connor scored with a header when Ashton O’Connor shot the ball to the back post. Halftime arrived and the teams collaborated and refreshed themselves. Big Timber kicked off the second half and during a crazy mess of bouncing the ball back and forth between both teams, Arianna Bennett somehow managed to get her foot on the ball and scored. After bouncing the ball around for a little bit, Kolton Gladney scored from the outside when Big Sky’s defense split. Big Sky had a comeback and scored on Big Timber. Once again, Big Timber scored; Jakcel Juica dribbled through the defense and shot. 

With five minutes left in the game Big Sky scored the final goal of the game. The game ended with a 6-3 win for Big Timber.

At 4:15 p.m. after Big Timber got rested up, their game began against Red Lodge. Right away Red Lodge scored four goals. Luckily two of them were off sides so only two of the goals counted. After intense fighting between the teams, Caleb Baker scored from just inside the 18 yard box. The teams played exceptionally well for the last ten minutes. At halftime it started to get cold so the teams added a few layers and listened to their coaches. Big Timber kicked off for the last half of the day. Fifteen minutes later Morgan Fjare received the ball and crossed it to the other side of the field where Ashton O’Connor was and he passed the ball into the side of the goal. 

With seven minutes left, O’Connor scored again. Isaac Fossum shot the ball and it bounced out of the keeper’s hand right to O’Connor’s foot who powered it into the goal. The teams fought really hard and kept at it until the ref blew the whistle. Red Lodge lost the game with a score of 3-2. 

Next week Big Timber plays in Miles City. MVPs are Ashton O’Connor and David Jacobsen. You guys played amazing!

By Morgan Fjare / Youth Soccer Correspondent



OLIVIA KEITH / Big Timber Pioneer

A Big Timber U19 soccer player weaves in and out of the Red Lodge team Saturday afternoon.






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