Getting the band back together

Alumni join current students for one-night-only show

Getting the band back together has never sounded so sweet.

On Feb. 9, for the final home basketball games of the season, Sweet Grass County band director Barry Snodgrass rallied the troops from previous classes and got the pep band back together in terrific fashion. Not only was it Senior Night for the players, but alumni night for the band, too. 

“It was something I had thought about when I was in Hardin,” Snodgrass said. “And after coming back here, I still knew a lot of these same people who were in band years ago.”

Snodgrass said the planning wasn’t too difficult. Between a few Facebook messages, posts to public groups and simple word of mouth, he had an idea of about 15-20 alumni showing up on that snowy February night. 

One of those players was Dana Dribnenki, who started playing the drums in fifth grade and played throughout high school under the direction of John Novotny. Dribnenki graduated from SGHS in 1987.

“When I saw it on Facebook, I didn’t even know [Snodgrass] was the band director,” Dribnenki said. “I think this is a blast and I hope he does it more than once. Then, more people will hear about it.”

Dribnenki said his sister saw it on Facebook and notified him; he just had to jump at the opportunity.

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PHOTO CAPTION: Members of several graduating classes from Sweet Grass County High School got back together Feb. 9 to play in the alumni band. It just so happened to be Senior Night, the final home games of the season for the basketball teams, which helped provide a raucous crowd. (STEPHEN KALB-KOENIGSFELD / Big Timber Pioneer)




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