Council addresses public proposals, concerns

The Big Timber city council addressed public proposals and greeted new employees at its Monday meeting. Friends of Dornix Park board members received approval from councilmen to build a stairway along the cut-off trail that leads to the lower level of the park. The approved plans call for an eight foot wide stairway consisting of approximately 10 steps. Its stated purpose is to prevent further erosion of the slope. 

Design plans for the future water treatment facility were approved by the Montana Department of Environment Quality (DEQ), according to Public Works Director Kris Novotny. The city will begin advertising for bids this Thursday, and the recipient will be announced at the March 19 city council meeting. Novotny said that the DEQ made no significant changes to the city’s plan. 

A proposal to designate an alternate truck route on the west side of town raised concerns from council members. The route would incorporate West Fourth Stree and allow mining traffic to bypass the first three blocks of McLeod Street. Although it would be recognized as an alternate route by the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT),  it was unclear if the state would pay for modifications to the roadway. The council agreed to hold off on the proposal until the issue of funding was clarified, and councilmen said they would seek input from the community—including downtown business owners, mining officials and residents of Fourth Street. – before taking further action.

A different proposal suggested the city establish a public storage space for RVs and campers to keep them from crowding residential streets. Councilmen agreed that RVs were a nuisance for residents and snowplow operators, but were uncertain whether the space for public storage could be found. 

The council was introduced to new municipal workers, including Brian Mosness of public works and Tera Ginnaty, who will assume the position of city clerk/recorder in July. 

By CHRIS AIKEN / Pioneer reporter



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